Lauck Manufacturing helps fabricate the highest quality sheet metal products. Our variety of equipment allows us to help you create just the piece you need.

Laser Processing

Laser processing is the first key ingredient to successful fabrication. With our equipment, we can process steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet into any shape desired to provide outstanding production and prototype capabilities. In addition, through the use of simple fixturing, we can perform laser operations on a variety of formed parts and tubing. Lasers provide precise tolerance control and productivity with very low labor requirements.

Our laser processing equipment:

1 – Mazak NTX 1.5 KW Laser
1 – Mazak STX 1.5 KW Laser
1 – Mazak NTX 1.0 KW Laser


The second key component of successful fabrication is precise and fast forming of laser cut components. Our four axis CNC press brakes give us the flexibility and accuracy to tackle a wide range of forming operations.

Our forming and rolling equipment:

1 – Cincinnati FMII CNC 4-axis 90 ton 10’ press brake
1 – Cincinnati FMII CNC 4-axis 90 ton 8’ press brake
2 – Diacro Manual and Hydraulic tubing benders
3 – Powder and Manual cylinder rolls ranging up to 3/16” Thick x 60” long
1 – Angle Iron ring roller


Our welding department is staffed with highly experienced personnel and equipment provides the third component of successful fabrication. Fully 40% of our employees are highly skilled welders who are cross-trained in both MIG and TIG operations. We regularly work with complicated weldments fabricated from steel and stainless steel. In addition, we have extensive experience in the fabrication of high nickel alloys used in wide range of industrial burners. Many of these fabrications are key components in state of the art low emission combustion systems.

Our welding equipment:

1 – Motoman Arc World 6000 Robotic Welding System with ferris wheel positioner
1 – Motoman Arc World II Robotic Welding System with indexing table
5 – Miller TIG Welders
5 – Lincoln Pulsed MIG Welders (all new for 2011)
2 – Miller MIG welders
1 – Taylor 200 KVA Spot Welder
1 – Taylor 30 KVA Spot Welder

Powder Coating

We partner with two local powder coating companies to provide our customers with completed fabrications that are ready for their next step in the manufacturing process.


How We Can Help You

Our advanced, precise sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create high-quality components for nearly any industry.  Here are just a few of the industries we’ve lent our expertise to in the past. Don’t see your industry? Call us today and find out how we can help manufacture just the part you need.

Industrial Burners

We specialize in the production of high temperature weldments. We regularly weld high nickel stainless steel using both manual and robotic systems. Lauck Manufacturing also provides a wide range of air handling components, including blower housings and filter assemblies and supporting fabrications.

Commercial Lighting

You will find our detail components in commercial lighting installations though out the US.

Food Service

We provide a variety of stainless steel detail parts and complete enclosures for equipment used in the frozen food service industry.

Sporting Goods

We manufacture adjustable basketball systems for our own American Eagle Basketball Systems brand, and for a private label customer. In the past nine years we have produced over 4,000 basketball systems.

In 2011, Lauck Manufacturing began manufacturing our own line of basketball rims including rigid, flex and breakaway models. These rims are based on the years of successful experience provided by Schutt Sports rim models.

Trailer Manufacturing

Detail components used in commercial trailer manufacturing such as fenders, frame sections, hydraulic pump enclosures and mounting brackets.

Don’t see your industry? That doesn’t mean we can’t help! Contact us today to find out more.